3 Insanely Easy Home Organization Hacks

Our desire to keep our homes clean is natural. Not only do clutter, loose cables, and other attributes of the work-from-home lifestyle produce an unsightly mess, but it also makes your home much harder to clean and maintain. In this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to organize your living space better.

1.   Tame Loose Cables

If your computer or other appliances happen to have very long cords, chances are these cords are collecting dust and do not exactly add to the beauty of your home. To fix loose cords and cables along walls, under the table, or other surfaces, try Cable Organizing Clips. The plastic holder and adhesive combo works not only with cables — you can even fix your laptop charger and earphones on the edge of your table, so give it a try.

2.   Never Lose Kitchen Utensils Again

Another great zero-screw construction will help you declutter your kitchen drawers. With the Kitchen Hook Organizer, your kitchen utensils are always close to the stove and never out of sight. Choose out of numerous colors and use the hook organizer for multiple purposes — for example, install one organizer for kitchen utensils and another one for dishwashing tools.

3.   Keep Your Dishwashing Sponge Fresh for Longer

You have probably already heard that your dishwashing sponge is the dirtiest object in your home. Thanks to being left in a puddle of water with food residue, your sponge can quickly accumulate bacteria that spread throughout your kitchen. To minimize the amount of water in your dishwashing sponge, consider organizing your dishwashing tools with the Soap Drainer Shelf. Just fix the construction on your kitchen tap and place soap and sponges on top to drain. This way, your sponge can stay fresh for longer.

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