Indispensable Gadgets for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

Have you ever wondered why even after hours of cleaning up, certain places just don’t *feel* clean? After encountering dirt and grime in hard-to-reach places, we usually sigh with relief and skip this unpleasant part. However, there are many gadgets and tools to clean the toughest places in your home. In this article, we are going to share the best gadgets that will make your home sparkle in no time.

1.   Get Rid of Nasty Shower Head Buildup

Have you noticed this yellowish buildup on the holes of your shower head? The reason it appears lies in the chemical makeup of tap water. Calcium, fluoride, and other tap water elements tend to accumulate into visible shower hole buildup, which can even weaken water flow. Reconsider using a toothpick or a needle — you are risking shoving the buildup even further from your reach. Instead, break it with the Pore Cleaning Brush that will break the buildup first and then bring it to the surface. The brush is also suitable for faucets and other hard-to-reach spots.

2.   Shiny Grill in Seconds

BBQ grills are particularly prone to accumulating burnt fat buildup which is notoriously tricky to get rid of. If you are thinking of just dissolving the buildup with a chemical solution — think again. Chemicals themselves may be hard to completely remove from the grill, and you don’t want a fat-dissolving chemical to end up on your plate. This BBQ Grill Cleaning Brick removes BBQ grime in seconds without damaging the grill itself. But it’s not just for grills — use the Cleaning Brick to effortlessly clean pot and pan bottoms, and other burned buildup on your kitchenware.

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